We Love SOMA (2) The History of Konno Family

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Hi dear people of the World! 


Today I would like to introduce the long long history of our Konno family as descendants of GENJI (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minamoto_clan).


Figure 1 is the Lineage Map (Family Map or Pedigree Map) of GENJI summarized by KAKEIZU SAKUSEI HONPO (http://www.e-keizu.com/kakeizu/seiwa.html).


Figure 2 shows our ancestor Minamoto no Yoshiie (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minamoto_no_Yoshiie) as shown by red arrow, and his son Minamoto no Yoshitoki (http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/源義時) as shown by blue arrow.


Our family Konno is descendants of him (Minamoto no Yoshitoki) and worked as financial minister of Soma domain for hundreds of year (Fig 3, 4). And Yoritomo Minamoto, Takauji Ashikaga, and Shingen Takeda are all our relatives.


Unfortunately, the president of Konno family died in 3.11 Eastern Japan Earthquake (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aftermath_of_the_2011_Tōhoku_earthquake_and_tsunami). So our blood line is almost being lost now (http://welovesoma.blogspot.jp/2013/03/we-love-soma-1-self-introduction.html).


However, I have decided to go back to our home town in order to keep our blood line, and make people happy by showing myself or teaching science for children in Soma domain.


Lately, I sent an e-mail to SOMA MICHITANE (http://www.kashiwadai.co.jp/index.html), message from SOMA MICHITANE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Js_5EEcnMU) as the 45th President of Soma domain (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sōma_clan) and could get reply from him. He is still working for the people as the president. So we can be happy while doing our best for both the people and the domain together.


See you again!! May The Force Be With You!! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars).


Hayato Minamoto (Sammy: sammyclickpress@gmail.com)  

源 隼人(sammyclickpress@gmail.com)

What is Life?  (http://sammyclickpresswhatislife.blogspot.com/)is my first blog about Biology, please visit to the blog know What Life Is?

生き物って何だろう?と思ったらWhat is Life?というブログもどうぞ。


We Love SOMA (1) Self Introduction

Figure 1

Figure 2

We Love SOMA (1) Self Introduction

Hi dear people of the World! 


Today I would like to start a new Blog "We Love SOMA" to show Value, Wonder, and Miracle of History, Culture, and Samurai Spirits in SOMA domain (now Soma domain is called as South SOMA city….).

本日私はWe Love SOMAという新しいブログを始めました。このブログでは、旧相馬藩(現在は南相馬市と相馬市に分かれいますが)における歴史や文化やあるいは侍魂などを紹介して行けたらと思っています。

Anyway, I want to perform a self introduction and tell a little of SOMA today as the first story of this blog "We Love SOMA".

とにかくまず本日はWe Love SOMAの第一回ですので、私の自己紹介と簡単に相馬藩についての紹介をしたいと思います。

As you can see figure 1 is a Samurai riding on horse with armor. There is long long history keeping such fighting martial traditions manner as a holy and active ceremony of three local Shrines (described in future).


However, our blood line is almost being lost now, because my two uncle died of illness and 3.11 Eastern Japan Earthquake . The people in Eastern Japan had terrible damages and so many people died by Tsunami, break down of house, fire, and other reasons.


Actually, we have a lineage map (pedigree map, or family tree) from Heian period (AD 794-1191) as shown in figure 2. So I have decided to be a Samurai and show this beautiful history for all the wonderful people of the planet.


My English name is Sammy, and my Japanese name is Hayato Minamoto as a descendant of GENJI and a member of Minamoto clan.

ちなみに私の英語名はSammyと申しまして、日本語名は源 隼人と申します。源氏の子孫な訳ですね。

So please call me Sammy or Hayato-san.


See you again!! May The Force Be With You!! 


What is Life? is my first blog about Biology, please visit to the blog know What Life Is?

生き物って何だろう?と思ったらWhat is Life?というブログもどうぞ。